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Your picture printed onto 100% cotton canvas and wrapped around a choice of 18mm or 38mm real wood frame. Send us your photo, we'll fit to size and send you proof for approval. Just select the size frame below.

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We print all our canvas prints using the latest HP wide format printers. Available in various sizes and shapes: rectangular canvas prints, square canvas prints, panoramic canvas prints. including: 16×12″. Wrapped around our economy 18mm deep or our premium 38mm deep wooden frame.

Frame Size

Rectangular 16"x12", Rectangular 24"x16", Rectangular 36"x24", Square 12"x12", Square 16"x16", Square 24"x24", Panoramic 24"x12", Panoramic 36"x12", Panoramic 36"x16"

3 reviews for Canvas Prints

  1. Sean

    Excellent Quality, Thank you so much they look great on our wall

  2. Naomi Bamforth

    Really happy with the canvas’s and I know my family will be too as their all for xmas presents.

  3. Lisa Tandy

    Thank you for our canvas prints, they look amazing..!

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We can print directly from most popular PC and Mac file formats, including:

• PDFs (preferred) • JPEGs (preferred) • InDesign • Illustrator

To upload your artwork, click 'CHOOSE A FILE" button (just about 'Add to Basket' button). The upload function supports PDF and JPG formats to a maximum size of 30mb. File sizes greater than 30mb we ask you to proceed with your order without uploading artwork, you can simply email us a download link to your artwork using a transfer service such as WeTransfer once your've checked out.

On receipt, we will double check your file(s) and let you know if we spot any problems that could effect printing.

Before sending us your artwork, please note that a photograph or other pixel-based image needs a resolution of just 72 dpi (dots per inch) to display correctly on screen. However, our high resolution printing process requires images of around 300 dpi (although for large format posters - A2 size and above - images of 100dpi are usually adequate). Anything less may print with a pixelated 'jaggy' look. Please check the resolution of your images carefully... just because they look good on screen doesn't mean they'll print properly!

If you're a dab hand at creating artwork and are comfortable adding 3mm bleed and crop marks then great. If all this sounds like Double Dutch then please contact us and we can talk you through it.

All we ask is that you supply the artwork in CMYK and keep all important elements of your design at least 3mm away from the edge of your artwork (we call this our "safe zone"). Although we use state-of-the-art equipment, some movement is inherent within all printing processes. If important elements of your design are placed too close to the edge of the paper, not only will it look unprofessional, but there's a chance they may get trimmed off. That doesn't mean you can't extend a background image or colour to the very edge of your artwork. That's fine of course.